COLOR- The Four C’s

This post will present the basic information about diamond color, evaluation, and what you should be aware of when buying a diamond, regardless of what the certificate says.

Most people think they are colorless. Actually that is not true for diamonds. Diamonds come in every single color of the rainbow. Aside from fancy-colored diamonds which I will talk about later on, a diamond is the only gemstone in which the less color it has, the higher its value. The reason for this is because colorless diamonds are more rare than near-colorless or faint colored diamonds. Most diamonds have a yellow or brown hue which can sometimes not be noticed unless next to a diamond that is colorless.

Diamond color actually means the lack of color.

The GIA grades diamonds in a normal color range which determines how closely a diamond achieves absolute colorlessness!

Full disclosure- not all laboratories give the same color grade to the same diamond. When shopping with The Ring Woman, you will be presented a diamond graded by the prestigious GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Below is how the GIA grades color.

Depending on the type of cut the diamond you are looking at is, you can play around with the color to get the most value. For example, step cuts (like Emerald or Asscher cuts) hide color more than brilliant cuts (like round, radiant, or princess cuts). Shop with a trustworthy jeweler, like The Ring Woman who can educate you on what color to look for the diamond you are purchasing!

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